The Week Ahead in Brazil #133 – 12/12/2022

🇬🇧 The Week Ahead in Brazil #133 - The political trend remains uncertain, with several unknown variables. Nevertheless, the appointment of ministers in the new administration was important. The economy continues to advance, and public administration remains negative due to the very moment of government transition. The blog goes on holiday and will return in 2023!

The Week Ahead in Brazil #131

🇬🇧 The Week Ahead in Brazil #131 - Apart from the PL issue with TSE, the week went smoothly in the political arena, but unpredictability remains. Lula and Bolsonaro have been silent all week, albeit for different reasons. Despite the strong noises in the economy, the fundamentals remain solid. The public administration continues in a negative trend, and there are growing concerns about some decisions.

The Week Ahead in Brazil #127

🇬🇧 The Week Ahead in Brazil #127 - The election is over in less than 60 minutes. The outcome is unpredictable. Lula continues with the lead in the polls, but Bolsonaro has recovered in these last moments, despite several problems, and may surprise. Let's wait for the counting of the polls and how this will impact the public policy-making process.