The Week Ahead in Brazil #100

My dear friends, before this week's summary, I would like to register that this is the 100th week that I am writing the "Week Ahead in Brazil". I thank all the readers and friends who have helped me with observations, information, positive criticism and words of encouragement. I never thought I would get so much satisfaction from doing these weekly editions. The idea started as a project during the pandemic, at the request of friends abroad who wanted news and analysis on the Brazilian context. Initially, I only had the English version, with most readers from the UK, China and the US. I didn't think it would be of interest to ourselves, the Brazilians. To my surprise, I received many requests for a Portuguese version, which is the most widely read nowadays. After writing 100 editions, I still try to make them as neutral as possible, without any bias for or against the government. I am not an "antagonist" by nature. That's why I make a selection of the most relevant news and events of the week and then analyse how this starting point can influence the following week. I try not to mix one thing with the other. To analyse is to explain an event or a context by its parts in a way that is understandable. So I develop "a perspective" and not "the perspective", I try not to make predictions of results or long opinions. I focus more on being a "learner" who analyses the possible scenarios that may influence the decision-making process in public policy. Thanks again to everyone for the reading! Let's get to the summary: 🇬🇧 The Week Ahead in Brazil #100 - Positive week for politics, despite the media's negative repercussions of the presidential pardon of Daniel Silveira. Economics and management are trending neutral for the week ahead.